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Frequently Asked Questions

How many persons do I need to gather for my own Snowboard camp?

A minimum of 2 persons is needed to start the snowboard camp.

What are the personal attire I need to bring along for snowboarding?

You would need, water proof winter pants, long socks, water proof jacket and gloves.

What is the minimum age to learn snowboarding?

We take in learners from 8 year old onwards.

Do you provide lessons away from Mount Tomamu? like in Furano or Sahoro?

Yes, we do provide lessons in Tiene and Furano. Booking must be done 2 weeks before start of class.

What can I learn in the 6 days 5 nights camp?

You will learn and master the techniques of heelside and toeside edging, traversing across the slope and ride safely down a beginner slope, In the camp, you willl learn the heelside and toe side turns techniques,

Is snowboarding a high risk sport?

Every type of sport has its associated risk and for snowboarding, there is a fall risk. To mitigate the risk, it is advisable to train closely with your instructor and rest when you are tired. It is also important to have medical insurance coverage for your trip.

Where is the meeting point for all lessons

The meeting point will be outside Nipo chair lift on lesson day.

Can I have a personal snowboard camp, just for one person?

Yes, it is possible, additional charges may incur, please email us for more information

Can I rent the snowboard attire at the resort?

Yes, if you do not have the attire, you may rent their from the ski rental shop.

Can I learn together with my children?

Yes, it is possible to learn as a group

How can long do I need to learn how to snowboard properly?

On an average, it takes about 4 snowboarding trip/camp to fully learn the snowboarding techniques and different terrians from green to blue runs.

What is the difference between your snowboard camp and others?

The main difference is personalised small group teaching, english speaking instructors who are wilderness 1st aid trained and we own the guest apartments at Mount Tomamu. 

Do you accept last minute booking?

Yes, and booking is dependant on the availability of our instructors.

Is there discount for larger groups?

Yes, we do offer 5% discount for group of 4 persons.

What Our Clients Say

Maureen, 2023

"it was a package deal- accommodation and SB lessons. Amazing deal. The view was superb from the apartment. Edwin was an intuitive instructor. We got so much out of our 4 days lessons".
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